What Is Islam

Islam is an Arabic word which implies the attainment of peace through the submission and surrender to the Will of God.

Whosoever submits his or her will to the Will of God, regardless of race, community, country or clan, is called a Muslim.

Concept of God

Islam teaches that there is only ONE God, who is the creator of EVERYTHING. 

God created all human beings as equals & they may only distinguish themselves and get His favor on the basis of righteous actions & piety. God is the Almighty Creator & Sustainer of the universe, & nothing is comparable to Him. 

Concept of Worship

The concept of Worship encompasses every aspect of human life. 

This is central to the goal of freeing the individual or society from the worship of created things to worship the Creator of all things. 

Who Is Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)?

The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is the LAST & FINAL Prophet that God has sent down to guide Humanity.

He is the key to getting closer to God, if we follow his way of life (Sunnah), God will love us just as he loves Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

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