Profile of founder and director

Sheigh Rafeek Hassen is a retired Pharmacist [B Pharm] who also has a Masters's MA in Comparative Religion and currently doing his PhD. He has acquired over 30 years of experience in the propagation of Islam. He has been instrumental in the training of 50 international propagators of Islam.

He has a good media footprint, as he features on regular TV, radio, and virtual programs where he shares his knowledge of Islam as means of coexistence with other faiths.

Sheigh Hassen has participated in many International Seminars, conferences, and lectures.

iiFRi is an acronym that stands for Islamic Interfaith Research Institute.

iiFRi aims to present and share information about Islam in a confrontational but loving manner;
To portray Islam in a manner that promotes peace, harmony, and justice for all regardless of race or religion;
Islam may have the solution to the contemporary challenges faced by society;
To provide contextual Islamic research and learning relevant to the African context.

Corporate Governance
iiFRi is a registered Waqf Trust
TRUST NUMBER IT00153/2015 PBO SEC 18A 930051256